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17846 Sierra Hwy. Canyon Country, CA 91351

Reservations are suggested.
Sunday - open at 4 p.m. until closing
Monday - Saturday 11:30 a.m. until closing.

Lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Dinner may be ordered all day long.

Please call for holiday schedules - hours may change (661) 252-5522

























The Backwoods Inn is listed as "Best Steak" in the book, "Where The Locals Eat".

The Backwoods Inn rakes the sawdust every morning and it is changed once a week on Sunday.

We are known for our stuffed baked potato. Each and every potato is home made and stuffed on the premises. The kitchen staff makes approximately 150 everyday.

Some of the employees at the Backwoods Inn have been there for over 20 years. George the chef, Beverly & Janet, your servers, are among that list.

The bar was added on in 1978 because Rose had purchased an antique drug store back wall, complete with a cashiers cage, telephone booth, and pharmacy drawers but there was no room in the restaurant for it. A new room was built to accommodate the drug store. It is the beautiful showcase you see in the front of the restaurant.

The Backwoods Inn buys the best and freshest beef money can buy and has been buying from the same purveyor since the beginning. We use no MSG, tenderizers, butter, or spices. It goes from the butcher to our refrigerator to the grill to your plate. We have to buy the best...our steaks must stand on their own...we don't doctor them up with anything. Only the mesquite charcoal we use to broil them over adds a unique and wonderful flavor.

The Backwoods Inn, at one time,  was a small house before it was turned into a restaurant. The original fireplace is still in the middle dining room of the restaurant though it is no longer operational.

The china at the Backwoods is Strawberry Hill by Syracuse...the same china they use at the famous Musso & Frank's in Hollywood.

A lot of filming has been done at the restaurant including, two episodes of Charlie's Angels (the original TV series), an episode of Starsky & Hutch, a made for TV movie staring Lindsy Wagoner, & The Profiler to name a few. The latest is the TV show Criminal Minds on CBS.

The busiest day of the year? It's a toss up between Mother's Day and New Years Eve. Valentine's Day is right up there too. The slowest day of the year? The Friday after Thanksgiving. Everyone is still full and they have leftovers in their refrigerator.

Famous Faces that have dined at the Backwoods Inn include: Mandy Patinkin, Shemar Moore, & Paget Brewster (of Criminal Minds), James Garner, David Hasslehoff, Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger) The Famous Selina, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Dale Robertson, Tippie Hedren, Ted Cassidy (Lurch), Linda Gray, Yvonne DeCarlo, James Earl Jones, Gene Hackman, Bella Shaw, Gil Stratton, George Kennedy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Paul Brinegar (Wishbone on Rawhide), Lorne Green, Monty Montana, Lindsey Wagoner, WWF Wrestler-Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tex Williams, Claude Akins, Gloria Stuart (Best Supporting Actress for Titanic), Bob Barker, Cliffie Stone, Pat Morita, Erin Moran from Happy Days, Fuzzy Zeller, Martin Landeau, & Steve Ledford (Mark Chesnutt's backup singer and bass guitar player)  to name a few.

Carol's favorite quote when asked about the Backwoods Inn - "If you come the first time and you don't like it...don't come back, you'll never like it. But if you come and you like can come back next week or a year from now and it will be the same, just as you remembered". She also says, "Things just don't change much around here. We're good at what we do. We don't try out new things very often."

Several couples have gotten engaged at the Backwoods and come back to celebrate their Anniversary.  We've even had one wedding take place at the Backwoods Inn.

The Backwoods Inn can seat 200 patrons at one time.

July 11, 1993, the 25th Anniversary of the Backwoods Inn, for one day, we rolled back our prices to what they were in 1968...25 years prior. The line of patrons waiting to get in went around the building and continued all day long. Below, is a menu from that day......Gone are the good old days.

Still Great after all these Years

Fine Food & Spirits since 1968